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the story

We developed a program for Wyoming Whiskey to profile our neighboring National Parks, Grand Teton and Yellowstone, and raise money for the National Park Foundation.


And, we got the chance to fly around Yellowstone and past The Grand in the cold Wyoming Fall with photographer Tuck Fauntleroy. In search of the just the right time, place, weather, and light. 


Master Blender, Nancy Fraley, made the fabulous four whiskey selections. And, in a dark-of-night session with WW Brand Ambassador David DeFazio, Harrison Ford chose the best Tuck images to go to framing, labels and auction.


77’s Head of Design, Jeff Hale, led the way on all design. He worked with Designer/Woodworker Jamison Sellers to create the wood boxes, which mark the exact spot of each photo, and Tuck on the labels and all the cool stuff around the exhibit.


Boomshot Dream Team as Production Company and creatives on the Videos.


A dream project and advertising campaign. Flying around National Parks. Working with Tuck, HF and the legendary Faz. Memorable Boomshot squad Jackson shoot and SRG wrap dinner. Delicious whiskies and a great cause. 

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