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world cup

of hockey

the reg carling show

the story

Wait, there’s a World Cup of Hockey?


ESPN had to let people know.  

How are we going to shoot every international hockey star?

The freaking NHL All Star game is in Nashville. We’re set.


We decided that we really wanted to do a sports-talk-show-style advertising campaign that was an ode to this scene in SlapShot.

We built the Reg Carling set at the Practice Facility that the NHL was using for All Star Week and pulled every WCOH player we could find on set. Luckily, Galen can tell one Swedish hockey guy from another. 


And we found our Reg - Brian Kash.


Scott Vincent directing. 

Mr. Barry Melrose on set all day. Aces.


We needed more shots and players, so our Boomshot buddies built us a portable Reg Carling set that we used to have our own set up at NHL Media days at the giant hotel. You have to understand the poor players were going from interview to boring interview, and then in our room was Reg Carling who knew nothing about hockey.


Much of the comedy and many of the best lines come from bullpen, and that oddball middle reliever and writer Ken Ratcliff.


Wrap at the now defunct Le Sel with Steve Levy and a very dangerous game of “who does ____ look like”.

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