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Juan Fogel needed some help with a Reliant creative advertising campaign and a month later we’re shooting with JJ Watt and doing VO Sessions with McConaughey (“let’s do some pushups”).


JJ is good at everything. We had big time curling and synchronized swimming coaches on the set and after about 10 minutes with JJ, they both came back with, “he’s good." Not like "he’s ready to shoot good," but "he’s already good at this weird sport in 10 minutes" good.


Everybody is an all-star here.

Phil Joanou, directing with his Vernor’s Ginger Ale and old school candy.  Zotz!

McConaughey on VO.

And, we are getting to know Flo.


It ended the way it started — with a Juan Fogelas with Juan Fogel at the Houston Four Seasons with no power.


On a tour bus shooting across Texas for a week with Gary Land Productions, but they’re GLP to us.


Our main man, Gary Land, directing.


Honest Abe.


McConaughey on the VO.



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