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Fans did not know the difference between the 2 shows NFL Live and NFL Insider on ESPN, so we were asked to explain it in a TV spot.


Only Galen seemed to understand how this was going to work going in.

We somehow got most of the ESPN NFL talent to meet up at a deserted warehouse in Brooklyn on a hot, late July day.



The Suzy Kolber. 


Adam Schefter (seriously working 4 phones)

Bill Polian is Bill Polian at all times.

Some confusion with 2 “hodgies” on set, with 77 Haje and Steeler’s Merril Hoge.




It was like a super-friendly, high-level football-mafia meeting, as SUV after SUV pulled into the compound and another one of these guys or Suzy would pop out.n Everyone was getting back from vacations and this was the first ‘work’ thing for all of them. They all know each other, but they’d never all been together in one big room, mixing up between shows (which is what the spot was supposed to clear up), joking, everyone getting their fantasy questions in, JC was in heaven.


It was fun and loud and going great, and now getting really loud. This is great, but how are we going to get this group to simmer down to shoot?  

Answer: Phil Joanou.


The MJZ team had built a kind of flat-track, baby roller coaster that took Phil and his camera flying ‘round and ‘round, screaming direction to every guy and Suzy as he’s flying by, Herm beaming, Schefter never looking up from his phone, Polian and Schlereth have the same expression every time Phil and camera go spinning by. Really funny, and a tad nauseating with all the spinning.


Greatest crew lunch ever, with the ESPN talent mixing with the crew, and including everyone in the joking and teasing.

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