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world cup

This was the first of our shoots with Rob Stone and Alexi Lalas. It was for Volkswagen and the 2019 Women's World Cup in France.   


Rob & Alexi are great guys, real friends and a good comic pair. Mr. Lalas had the best lines, but Rob is funny while driving in LA and someone is rudely giving him driving instructions in his ear, which is harder.


Team GLP in full force, Gary Land directing.


Ended with Gary telling ghost stories at the Ace, and then we saw a ghost.


women's world cup

Life with three kids is pretty frickin’ hectic--but Google is here to help. This campaign is about the unique times where full-time, Fox Sports personalities rely upon Google Assistant to help them with the everyday, and not so everyday, moments. 


What viewers see in each spot is how real people use it to answer questions, remind them of their schedules, turn on the TV, and much more. All together, the three spots launched during the 2019 Women’s World Cup, and reminded us that we don’t have to have life’s great questions like ‘How much does air weigh’, go unanswered. 


All you need to say is ‘Okay Google’.    


fox sports content

These are content pieces for Quickbooks that run on FOX NFL games and profile local businesses in the hosting team city.


77/Boomshot/McAleer collabs, which are always fun, because Galen does most of the creative work, Atherton and Francesco make it look great, and the rest of us just go somewhere cool and see an interesting business up-close.


Started in our hometown, with the legendary George Gruhn and his guitar heaven Gruhns’s Guitar in Nashville.  You enter through some serious security into a pretty regular guitar store. But, after some more security and a flight of stairs you are  suddenly staring at George, surrounded by pricey and priceless guitars. There’s an Opry-looking guy strumming in the corner and a Santa’s workshop of ponytailed craftspeople that never look up, working on the rarest and most special guitars. 


Sausage in Seattle with FOX Sports Charissa Thompson on VO.


Suits in Chi-town at ESQ Clothing.


BBQ in Houston, with our man Vince Wolfolk.